More wives pay ex-husbands alimony

New Mexico residents might be interested to hear that the number of wives ordered to pay alimony to their ex-husbands has increased over the years. Traditionally, it was the ex-husbands who paid alimony to their ex-wives as a measure to compensate women for giving up their earning potential to maximize their husbands’ potential and care for the household. However, according to studies, 40 percent of wives earn more than their husbands, leaving wives as the ones that pay alimony in the event that they get a divorce.

Experts say that the de-gendering of alimony in divorce is also supporting the de-gendering of the roles in a marriage. They state that like many men, some women do not relish the though of having to pay alimony to their exes. However, they also acknowledge that in today’s economy, there are different types of marriage arrangements than there traditionally were in the past. For instance, some dads are stay-at-home dads, allowing the wife to pursue her career and be the breadwinner. Still, in other arrangements, the spouses are dual-earners.

When couples are trying to get a divorce, there are various issues that they must consider. Not only is alimony an issue, but child custody and child support are as well if the couple have any children. They must also consider a division of property. In addition to any assets that the couple possesses together, such as a house, they must also divide any liabilities, such as credit card debts.

Divorce lawyers may be able to assist people who are entering into a divorce negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement with their exes. A lawyer may help ensure that their clients receive a fair settlement and may be able to litigate on behalf of the client if need be.

Source: TIME Ideas, “The De-Gendering of Divorce: Wives Pay Ex-Husbands Alimony Too Read more:“, Liza Mundy, May 16, 2013

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