Asset and Debt Division
& Business Valuation

New Mexico is a community property state where many factors affect the final property settlement. Generally, property acquired before marriage or by gift or inheritance during marriage is separate property.  Often it is a challenge to apportion community property from separate property. As New Mexico’s first and most experienced family law firm, Atkinson & Kelsey has achieved fair and reasonable outcomes for a division or apportionment of property for countless clients.

We pay very close attention to all aspects of property division and apportionment issues – including the division of assets, debts, retirement accounts and pensions – with the overriding goal of protecting our clients’ rights and interests.

The key to achieving a fair and reasonable outcome of property issues is to determine the nature and value of community and separate assets and debts. When a couple has modest asset and debt levels, this process can be relatively straight forward.

When assets and debts are complex, our attorneys use their experience in business and asset valuation to educate clients. We team with appraisers, accountants and financial professionals to determine assets and debts and provide expertise during the negotiation, settlement or litigation process.

Complicated issues often involve asset valuations of closely held businesses, professional practices, ranch land, stock options, collections of art or other collectible items or oil and gas royalties. We understand the need to accurately value these and other types of complex assets, including tangible and intangible property. We work to protect your interests while arriving at a just property resolution.

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