Complex Litigation

Not all cases can be resolved quickly. Sometimes, the circumstances are just too complicated. These cases require a different approach and may involve a substantial time investment.

The lawyers at Atkinson & Kelsey handle the most intense family law litigation. As the first and most experienced divorce and family law firm in New Mexico, we have overcome many challenges to obtain positive results for people like you.


Typically, a complex case can require litigation for various reasons:

  • A party with unrealistic or unreasonable expectations
  • A contentious child custody dispute
  • A complicated asset division
  • Complex factual or legal issues

Child custody disputes become complex when a unique challenge arises, such as a parent with substance abuse issues, allegations of child abuse or domestic violence, the desire of one parent to relocate with the child, a child with special needs or the inability of a party to coparent.

Property disputes can be complicated when they involve businesses or substantial separate property claims. Regardless of how contentious a case becomes, our attorneys take pride in working hard for you.

We know the courtroom. Our team is committed to building strong cases with convincing arguments to present to the court. We have a long history of getting positive results in the most challenging and complex family law litigation.

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