May 2014 Divorce eNewsletter

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May 2014


Tom Motoya was interviewed by Divorce Magazine to discuss what divorcing people should do when their lawyer doesn’t have a good handle on the financial aspects of their divorce.
Jon Feder talked to Divorce Magazine about divorce in New Mexico and how divorcing people should begin the process.

Divorce Study:
Watching Movies Together Could Prevent Divorce
Use communication technology in healthy and effective ways to make co-parenting life easier for you and your children.
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Middle Ground for Couples Renewing Your Relationships:
Seven Guidelines for Middle-Ground: Part 1/3
If you need help regulating and resolving conflict safely, these guidelines are for you. Part 1/3.
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Marriage, Relationships, and Divorce: 
10 Common Relationship-Sabotaging Behaviours: Part 2/3
When the damage is done, the relationship may be beyond repair. Part 2.
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Your Life After Divorce:
Take Care of Yourself
Transcend your divorce to live a happier, more fulfilled life.
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Military Divorce:
Why Military Families End Up In Divorce
Military deployments cause significant problems to couples and often make them total strangers.
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