January 2016 Divorce eNewsletter

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Financial Issues:
Video: Spousal Support (Alimony) and Taxes
Learn how taxes could affect the spousal support (alimony) you’ll be paying or receiving.
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7 Ways to Make Room for Spiritual Healing after Divorce
For many people, the decision to divorce brings up feelings of guilt, shame, and a sense of failure. Here’s how to start the healing process.
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Children and Divorce:
5 Tips for Harmonious Nesting
Nesting allows children to stay in the family home while both parents take turns living with them. Although not a common arrangement, there are ways co-parents can make the most out of this transition time.
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Coping with Divorce:
3 Tips on Coping with Divorce after Decades of Marriage
All divorces are emotionally painful. However, when you have been married for decades, there is a long shared history that can be particularly painful to lose.
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Relationships and Dating:
Tone of Voice Can Predict Marital Success
How you say it, not just what you say, can impact your marriage.
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