In New Mexico, the courts aim for joint legal custody. They want to provide each parent an equal voice in making decisions for the child.

However, physical custody is not always so equal. In many cases, one parent gets sole physical custody. The child will live with that parent and spend the majority of the time with that parent.

Still, the courts want both parents involved to some extent. That is the purpose of child visitation arrangements, also known as time-sharing. At the law firm of Atkinson & Kelsey, our attorneys can help you pursue visitation arrangements that work for the children.

We Believe in Getting to Know You

Our lawyers believe that strong legal representation is personalized legal representation. That’s why we start every child visitation and family law case by getting to know the person we are representing.

We will take the time to talk to you. We will learn about your relationship with your child. We will find out about the goals you hope to achieve.

Then we will work with you to achieve them.

There are essentially two paths that child visitation cases can go down. We will try the path of least resistance first by working with you and your spouse to determine if an amicable resolution can be reached. We are skilled in mediation and other techniques to keep these cases out of the courtroom.

Of course, we understand that an amicable resolution is not always within reach. We are also litigators who know the courtroom. Our team is ready to represent you there by building a solid case designed to achieve what is best for your child.

We have a long history of achieving goals. That’s one of the reasons we are New Mexico’s first and most experienced divorce and family law firm.

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