Woman extradited from England for child custody issues

The divorce process is rarely described as simple or easy, even though some couples encounter less divorce issues. When children are involved, divorcing parents often endure additional issues that some divorcing couples do not need to address, such as child custody and support. Establishing a fair and rational custody plan is not easily accomplished when other issues are plaguing the spouses. This could cause additional disputes and issues that could prevent an arrangement from being reached timely.

An Albuquerque woman is now facing child custody issues nearly two decades after leaving the country. After the New Mexico couple sought a divorce in 1995, the wife vanished from the state and eventually the country with her three children who were 7, 5 and 2 at the time. Once her whereabouts were established, extradition from England began in 2008.

The woman claimed that she fled due to an abusive relationship. She feared for her safety and the safety of their three children and she left in order to protect them all. Following extradition, the woman was accused of kidnapping. Her ex-husband denied any abuse. After ruling that the woman was not a danger to the community, she was released from custody but remains in a halfway house due to her being a flight risk.

Her ex-husband is now seeking involvement in the children’s lives. All three have graduated college and remain in England at this time. Although the children involved in this child custody dispute are all adults now, this situation could involve other issues The mother could face serious penalties for fleeing with the children. This is especially true if the abuse allegations cannot be proved.

Child custody issues are often present during a divorce involving children. Parents should always be aware of their options in the matter. If a parent seeks to relocate or change a custody order, it is important that they go through the proper legal channel to achieve this.

Source: The Republic, “Woman returned to New Mexico appears in court, denies kidnapping her children,” July 8, 2014

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