Taking precautionary measures during child custody disputes

During a stressful and life changing event, an individual might fail to take appropriate action. During dissolution, a divorcing spouse might be too caught up in the emotions the event caused. This could cause them to overlook important steps or decisions. When parents in New Mexico decide to file for divorce, there are several necessary steps they should take to ensure the children involved are not harmed by the possible spiteful or emotionally driven acts their soon-to-be ex-spouse might do. These precautionary steps could also help them avoid current and future child custody issues as well.

A recent report indicated fives essential steps to take online during the divorce process. These steps will not only protect them, but will also protect their children. Furthermore, this could help avoid additional and future disputes or complications post-divorce. Lastly, this could significantly reduce child custody disputes or issues surrounding child custody arrangements.

Social media sites allow divorcing spouses or ex’s to access past and current information about their ex and their children. This could lead to serious problems, and this information could prove to be very detrimental. This is why their first step should be to change their password to all accounts an ex could potentially access.

Second, anything that allowed for shared access should be cancelled or changed. Services, such as Netflix, are often shared with family members and spouses. An ex might see a list of recently viewed movies or shows and use that against their ex in a child custody dispute.

Third, any shared device should be wiped cleaned. This will ensure any passwords or sensitive personal information will not remain on it that could be accessed by the ex or even their children.

Fourth, devices, such as phones, computers and tablets, should be secured. An ex or child gaining access to these could mean accessing information that could be used against them. Furthermore, they could spy on their ex through these devices, and they could be located by the GPS in the device. These should be disabled on these devices to avoid such outcomes.

Lastly, social media sites should not be a platform for discussions about their divorce and child custody issues. Not only could their ex, children and family members see this, these posts could be used against them in court. Avoiding public personal statements is in the best interests of everyone involved.

When it comes to child custody hearings, various issues could present themselves throughout the process. Parents should seek to avoid unnecessary ones so they can properly focus on the needs and best interest of the child.

Source: FOX News, “Divorcing? 5 things to do online now,” Kim Komando, July 7, 2014

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