Promoting the best interests of the child in custody matters

Making major decisions regarding the care and upbringing of a child can be challenging for any parent in New Mexico or elsewhere in the nation. However, taking the steps to make decisions regarding child custody during a divorce can be exceptionally challenging and emotional. Our law firm understands that divorcing parents want to keep the best interests of their child in mind, but the complexity of marital dissolution can make it difficult to reach these needs, especially during a custody dispute.

Obtaining a fair and workable custody and visitation agreement is often the parents’ focus when they are going through a divorce. Because circumstances such as relocation, work hours and other life commitments could make it challenging to understand the best outcome or solution when it comes to a child custody agreement, our attorneys are knowledgeable of applicable laws that could help or impact the wishes of both parents.

With extensive experience and skills in child custody disputes, our attorneys have helped past clients navigate their divorce issues and successfully reach resolutions. Parenting-time and custody arrangements can come in various forms. In addition, these arrangements are not set in stone. If, for example, changes occur and a parent seeks to gain more visitation rights, he or she could bring an action to modify current custody orders.

Whether a parent seeks to initiate, enforce or modify a child custody order, divorced parents should understand the process and what rights they have in the situation. To learn more, check out our law firm’s child custody website. This could provide general information for parents, helping them understand the options available to them. When making decisions regarding a child, it is always important to focus on the best interests of the child, and our law firm seeks to promote this need in child custody actions.

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