Helping to protect your relationship with your grandchildren

Parents in New Mexico understand how rewarding a relationship between their own parents and their children can be. Grandparents can add much value to the life of their grandchildren, and for some children grandparents can play a major role in life. While this may be true, certain life events could disrupt even the strongest bond between a grandchild and grandparent. When parents divorce, grandparents can often feel underappreciated or even ignored during and after the process.

In some cases, grandparents might lose touch or even access to their grandchildren. While parents have some control over where their children go or who they spend time with, grandparents in New Mexico should know that that state recognizes certain visitation rights for grandparents. At our law firm, we are devoted to protecting grandparents’ rights. Oftentimes, grandparents feel powerless, but we are dedicated to informing our clients about the rights afforded to them and the options that may be available.

Because family dynamics can be complex, seeking visitation rights or even custody of a grandchild can be a multifaceted, challenging and emotional process. At our law firm we keep our clients’ end goals in mind and consider the best interests of the child or children involved when weighing the available options.

Grandparents should understand what factors the court will consider when determining whether or not to award visitation or custody to a grandparent. For example, a court will consider whether there was an already existing strong relationship between the grandparent and child, the current relationship between the grandparents and parents, if there was already a visitation arrangement in place and if the grandparent had been the child’s full-time caretaker for a significant length of time in the past.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s grandparent’s rights website. No matter the event or reason for grandparents seeking to spend more time with a grandchild, it is important to note that grandparents are entitled to certain rights that could help prevent them from being shut out of their grandchild’s life.

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