Child custody just one of many issues divorcing couples must resolve

Children are often the center of their parent’s world. That is why it is no surprise that child custody disputes can be tumultuous and emotional. Child custody appears to be a central issue for one divorcing couple.

New Mexico residents may be familiar with Bethenny Frankel. The reality TV star has become a household name in recent years. People watched her fall in love and have a baby on TV. However, her life has drastically changed in recent months.

In January, Frankel filed for divorce. Her estranged husband filed his own papers a few weeks later. He requested primary custody of their 2-year-old daughter as well as child support.

Recently, Frankel admitted that the divorce process has been anything but easy. She says she “never heard how excruciating it is.”

Although it can be difficult to go through a divorce, couples and their children might be able to live more peaceful lives in separate homes. Despite some couples trying to repair their marriage for months or even years, divorce may be inevitable.

When couples are sorting through divorce-related issues, and especially issues related to child custody, they should try to remain calm and keep their emotions out of discussions. When working through custody matters, they should stay focused on the best interests of the child.

Because of the challenges that many couples face as they are going through a divorce, it is usual best to work with an experienced attorney. They can help people resolve their issues while making sure their client’s needs are being considered.

Source: Us Weekly, “Bethenny Frankel on Divorce: It’s “the Most Difficult Thing You Could Ever Go Through”,” Allison Takeda, April 11, 2013

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