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Divorce Process:

Video: 10 Issues to Discuss with Your Family Lawyer

Discuss these issues at your initial consultation before deciding to go ahead with the divorce process.

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Property Division

Who Gets to Keep the Pets in a Divorce?

Flexibility and creativity are among the tools you'll need to resolve who keeps your furry loved ones.

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Child Custody:

Don't Make These 4 Mistakes During a Custody Battle

Don't risk being classified as unfit or neglectful during your custody dispute by making these simple - and avoidable - mistakes.

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Financial Issues:

5 Ways to Minimize Divorce Costs

Organize, communicate, disclose, investigate, and be reasonable.

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Divorce Recovery:

Taking a Chance on Love a Second Time

If you allow yourself to be both brave and vulnerable, you just might find that love can be lovelier the second time around.

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