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Steps to prepare for divorce mediation

The divorce process does not often include many incidents of agreement, or at least many couples do not thing it is possible to end a marriage in a fair, civil and rational manner. When spouses in New Mexico seek to dissolve their union in the most effective way, some might consider divorce mediation, especially if they seek alternatives to litigation and are able to communicate well with their soon-to-be ex. While there are various options couples could consider to finalize their divorce, those considering divorce mediation should understand the steps involved in the process in order to establish whether it is a good fit for them.

What is divorce mediation?

Many couples in New Mexico face the difficulties of a failing marriage. For some, this means filing for divorce. Divorcing couples may not be aware of their divorce options, but using an alternative method of divorce settlement can be extremely beneficial. It could allow them to address all their divorce issues while avoiding the high costs of litigation. Spouses seeking a divorce should familiarize themselves with alternative divorce options such as mediation.

Family ties can continue even after divorce

New Mexico residents in the midst of their own divorce, or contemplating initiating one in the near future, may find some interest in a recent article on the subject. It presents the opinions of two experts on divorce mediation and collaborative law who claim that few people pay heed to the important emotional considerations that may often influence and control the outcome of their divorce proceedings. They state that while a marriage may legally end, the surrounding family it created often continues even after the relationship between the couple is severed.

Preparing for divorce mediation

Many New Mexico couples who are contemplating a divorce often consider going through a mediation process but are unsure what to expect. There are some tips that people can keep in mind to help them prepare for and contribute to the success of their first sessions.

New Mexico couples try mediation to keep civil during divorce

It's true that some married couples in New Mexico just don't know what to do when trying to discuss custody or other issues involving the children they share. Divorce mediation is recommended by family law experts to avoid situations that are not only annoying to the former spouses, but possibly damaging to the children as well. The rocker Jack White and model Karen Elson were seen as a couple who handled their divorce proceedings well, at least until Elson filed a restraining order against White. The reason she gave was that White was trying to pressure her about the children in a way she didn't appreciate. Now they communicate through email.

Mediation can help settle divorces more amicably

Mediation is a less expensive and often more effective alternative to litigation for New Mexico couples looking to resolve divorce-related disputes. Many divorce court judges even require couples to attempt mediation before the case will be heard in court. It is important for participants to understand the differences between mediation and arbitration. In mediation, a mediator facilitates the meeting. The mediator has no decision-making power and is there to keep discussions focused on the issues. In arbitration, a third party is appointed who can render a judgment in one party's favor after reviewing the facts.

How to protect your finances from a divorcing bully

Divorce can be difficult for many New Mexico residents, but it can be even harder when one spouse is a bully. In cases of this nature, divorce mediation can be emotionally draining. However, individuals can take a few steps to protect themselves from a spouse who is a bully.

Dividing marital assets in divorce a complex process

New Mexico couples going through divorce mediation might find it is hard to divide the family assets they acquired and shared during marriage. Simply dividing assets according to their current dollar value might not be the best option in terms of your present or future financial security. Deciding that involves understanding the liquidity of the asset, its cost basis and the tax consequences of selling it.

Signs Your Spouse is Planning a Divorce

That little voice in the back of your mind tells you that something isn't right.  You suspect your spouse is unhappier than usual and may be thinking about calling it quits.  Perhaps you don't want to confirm your worst fears; however, there are definitely warning signs that your spouse is planning a divorce.  The following clues are adapted from an article originally appearing on the website of the Austin, Texas firm of Noelke English Maples St. Leger Blair, L.L.P.