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How is the duration of alimony determined in New Mexico?

While married couples often believe that money is a common concern during a marriage, it is often a more prominent concern at the end of a marriage. Because a spouse is worried that their financial needs might not be met in their new post-divorce life, it is likely that they will request alimony. But if alimony is awarded, spouses often question how long they will receive these spousal support payments.

What is an alimony payment?

New Mexico residents going through a divorce are bound to face a number of financial changes after the divorce is final. If a couple has children, the non-custodial parent may have to make monthly child support payments. Someone going through a divorce may also have to re-structure his or her budget, because two incomes may be reduced to one. In addition, one spouse may also be required to make monthly alimony payments, as decided by the court or the divorcing couple.

Requesting alimony during the divorce process

There are financial concerns at all phases of a relationship. When a couple gets married, during their marriage, when they have children and when they file for divorce, money is a major concern. Our law firm understands that there are many financial needs and concerns during and after the divorce process for New Mexico couples. A spouse might require more financial support to get through the divorce and for a duration after the split is finalized. Spouses going through a divorce should understand their options and rights regarding spousal support.

Understanding problems with alimony and possible solutions

Money is a common theme in disputes among married couples in New Mexico and elsewhere. It is also a common argument in the event of a divorce. When a spouse seeks a divorce, they might also seek alimony payments. While spousal support is often sought to fix financial issues, it could lead to bigger problems if it is not properly addressed and agreed to.

Requesting transitional or rehabilitative alimony

It is not uncommon for divorcing couples to seek spousal support in the event of the divorce. While in some cases a spouse will not be about to support themselves immediately after dissolution, this does not require that support payments must last forever after divorce. Instead, in many cases, transitional alimony is awarded. This is a form of rehabilitative alimony, and divorcing couples in New Mexico could utilize this form of alimony to help their ex-spouse get back on their feet after they reach a divorce settlement.

What guidelines are used in New Mexico to determine alimony?

When couples in New Mexico decide to end their marriage, they might question their rights in the divorce process as well as the guidelines imposed by the courts for certain decisions. Because it might be difficult to come to terms or an agreement on certain issues, using court guidelines could help the spouses reach a reasonable or amicable agreement. One major issue that could often lead to disputes during dissolution is alimony. Some couples will question how spousal support payments are awarded and how a certain amount is reached.

Understanding the factors that determine alimony payments

Navigating a life post-divorce can be challenging. Our firm understands that going through a divorce or dealing with post-divorce issues can be life changing for New Mexico couples. Leaving the comforts of a married life can be difficult, especially when an individual was financially secure due to their ex-spouse. In these situations, it is common to request alimony. Spousal support is often dependent on in the post-divorce life, especially when the newly single spouse is re-entering the work force.

Proving cohabitation with alimony on the line

New Mexico residents that pay or receive alimony may wonder how cohabitation plays into the equation. Unlike a remarriage, which can be easily shown with a copy of the marriage certificate, it can be difficult for an ex-spouse to obtain proof of cohabitation with a new partner. Some people will deny the new relationship, knowing that the former spouse does not have the means to hire a private investigator to prove it.

Support payments forces comedian to go on tour

Successful comedian John Cleese suggested in a recent interview that 'The Alimony Tour" was aptly named. New Mexico residents may have heard that, according to Mr. Cleese, he started the tour to keep up with spousal support payments to his former wife, a psychotherapist he had been married to for 16 years. The psychotherapist was his third wife, and the couple did not have any children together.

Glock founder ordered to pay alimony by Superior Court

The founder of the Austrian gun company Glock has reportedly been ordered by the highest court to pay alimony to his ex-wife. The couple was married for 49 years before the divorce was finalized and the alimony was ordered. New Mexico spouses may be required to pay alimony to spouses based on a number of factors.