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Bobby Flay and estranged wife dispute over alimony and prenup

A high-asset divorce can quickly become a complex legal matter because so much is at stake when it comes to property division and spousal support issues. Couples in New Mexico should understand how to address the details and concerns arising from a complex dissolution.

We can help guide clients through divorce mediation

When married couples in New Mexico determine it is best to end their union, it is inevitable that they will engage in a divorce process to reach a final divorce agreement. However, it can be challenging to initiate the process and work through dissolution. The law office of Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A. understands that divorce may not be a pleasant or easy experience to go through, but there are ways to help the divorcing couple approach the process the fairest way possible.

How can divorce mediation help spouse get a fair deal?

When couples in New Mexico make the decision to end their marriage, it might be difficult to imagine that they could finalize their divorce though a reasonable conversation. However, mediation is a divorce method that could help divorcing couples negotiate the terms of dissolution and reach a compromise. Moreover, for some couples, mediating a divorce could be very cost effective and help them avoid a lengthy, drawn out process that could be emotionally taxing.

When life needs change, child custody arrangements can change

New Mexico residents who go through a divorce often experience moments where they just want the process to be over so they can go on with their lives. For better or worse, however, it takes time to wrap up all the issues that come up when ending a marriage. In many cases, new legal issues can come up after the divorce is finalized. This is especially true of child custody arrangements.

Tips for co-parenting after divorce

While raising a child can be a rewarding experience, it also has its challenges. Moreover, for divorced parents in New Mexico, maintaining their parental views after a divorce can be difficult while they learn to share their parenting time with their ex-spouse. Nevertheless, parents should consider the benefits of co-parenting and how they could use this situation to benefit the child, focusing on the needs and best interests of the child.

How is the duration of alimony determined in New Mexico?

While married couples often believe that money is a common concern during a marriage, it is often a more prominent concern at the end of a marriage. Because a spouse is worried that their financial needs might not be met in their new post-divorce life, it is likely that they will request alimony. But if alimony is awarded, spouses often question how long they will receive these spousal support payments.

Taking action to devise a custody plan and resolve custody issues

Parents often desire to spend quality time with their children, and when a divorce is imminent, the parenting time they are awarded in the dissolution is often at the forefront of their attention. Our law firm understands that reaching agreeable terms regarding child custody can be difficult for New Mexico parents. Divorcing parents should not only be aware of their rights and options but also what arrangements focus on the best interests of the children.

What is an alimony payment?

New Mexico residents going through a divorce are bound to face a number of financial changes after the divorce is final. If a couple has children, the non-custodial parent may have to make monthly child support payments. Someone going through a divorce may also have to re-structure his or her budget, because two incomes may be reduced to one. In addition, one spouse may also be required to make monthly alimony payments, as decided by the court or the divorcing couple.

Benefits of including a mental health professional in a divorce

There are some problems that are difficult to navigate alone. With regards to divorce, this process could be challenging due to the complex nature of the situation, the emotions involved and the number of people that could be impacted by the decisions made during the process. Even if the spouses are able to collaborate and work through the process together, there could still be hurdles to overcome. Divorcing couples in New Mexico should consider the different types of tools and aids they could use whether they choose to go through litigation, mediation, collaboration or a combination of any of these methods.

Child custody enforcement and uniform laws

Parents in New Mexico have many concerns regarding their children. Even when parents divorce, the decisions made regarding custody and visitation can be difficult and cause them to have numerous questions. What if they want to modify the agreement? What happens if a parent is not complying with the order? What if a parents moves to another state? How is child custody enforcement applied in these matters?