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Child custody enforcement and uniform laws

Parents in New Mexico have many concerns regarding their children. Even when parents divorce, the decisions made regarding custody and visitation can be difficult and cause them to have numerous questions. What if they want to modify the agreement? What happens if a parent is not complying with the order? What if a parents moves to another state? How is child custody enforcement applied in these matters?

Child custody and support issues for non-custodial parents

The general role of a parent is understood, but when a divorce occurs, parent might struggle to maintain that role. This is especially true if their parenting time is constrained or limited. In some cases, a non-custodial parent has little access to their child or children. This could lead to additional issues that could seriously impact the parents and children involved. Parents in New Mexico understand the importance of developing a fair and amicable child custody arrangement, but in some situations, custody could affect other divorce issues such as child support.

Shared parenting on the horizon

When couples in New Mexico and elsewhere around the country divorced, the norm was that the children stayed with the mother in the family home while dad moved to an apartment, made monthly child support payments and saw the kids every other weekend. Now, a growing number of advocates are arguing that shared child custody should be the norm. In some states, shared parenting may even become the law.

International abduction targeted in bill

New Mexico parents who have suffered the heartbreak of their children being abducted and taken overseas may be heartened by the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passing a child custody initiative called The Sean and David Goldman International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2013. The bill was named for a son and father who were separated for five years when the boy was spirited away to Brazil by his biological mother, who is from that country.