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How does divorce mediation benefit children?

Working through family law issues can be difficult for couples in New Mexico and elsewhere in the nation. When a family is going through the divorce process, there are often numerous decisions to be made. If children are involved, the choices made could greatly impact them. This is why it is crucial that divorcing parents understand their options and what steps they could take to reach a fair and amicable divorce settlement. In some matters, divorce mediation is the chosen method to work through their family law issues, especially when it concerns the well-being of a child.

Military divorce and the rights of service members' ex-spouses

Couples in New Mexico are aware that service members of the military go through the same ups and downs any other couple goes through. While separation and divorce are a real possibility when a spouse serves in the military, it is important to understand that the process and steps involved in a military divorce are different than those in a traditional dissolution.

Steps to prepare for divorce mediation

The divorce process does not often include many incidents of agreement, or at least many couples do not thing it is possible to end a marriage in a fair, civil and rational manner. When spouses in New Mexico seek to dissolve their union in the most effective way, some might consider divorce mediation, especially if they seek alternatives to litigation and are able to communicate well with their soon-to-be ex. While there are various options couples could consider to finalize their divorce, those considering divorce mediation should understand the steps involved in the process in order to establish whether it is a good fit for them.

What makes a military divorce different?

Divorcing couples in New Mexico often face serious issues that could complicate or prolong the dissolution process. For those in the military, a divorce could be especially difficult. In a military divorce there are several factors involved in the process. Furthermore, the fact that service members might not be in the same state or even country of their spouse could further complicate the divorce process.

Understanding the high rate of divorce for Air Force members

Some situations bring challenges to a marriage. These same challenges can often be the reason for divorce. For those in the armed forces, avoiding marital problems can be difficult, especially if a spouse is in deployment. This can be extremely difficult for a spouse and even children. For some, the distance could be the breaking point, but going through a divorce while a spouse is overseas could mean a very long and complex dissolution.

Shielding children from the effects of a divorce

In spite of the best intentions of their parents, children often get dragged into the middle during a divorce. Even New Mexico couples that go out of their way to avoid arguing in front of children frequently involve their kids in disputes in other ways, such as using their children to communicate or saying negative things about their spouse to them. Since the result of involving kids is rarely ever beneficial, individuals should strive to shield them from fallout related to a divorce.

Long deployments lead to increased military divorce rate

New Mexico residents with family members in the military may be interested in a study performed by the RAND Corporation. The study looked at the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on service member marriages and divorce rates.

New Mexico couples try mediation to keep civil during divorce

It's true that some married couples in New Mexico just don't know what to do when trying to discuss custody or other issues involving the children they share. Divorce mediation is recommended by family law experts to avoid situations that are not only annoying to the former spouses, but possibly damaging to the children as well. The rocker Jack White and model Karen Elson were seen as a couple who handled their divorce proceedings well, at least until Elson filed a restraining order against White. The reason she gave was that White was trying to pressure her about the children in a way she didn't appreciate. Now they communicate through email.

How military benefits may affect divorce

New Mexico veterans that are beginning to prepare for divorce may wonder how military benefits can affect the process. Divorce can be confusing, especially when combined with tax rules, retirement regulations and disability laws. A basic understanding of how these different rules interact may help make the process simpler.