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Divorce Mediation Archives

Helping you understand the benefits of divorce mediation

Divorce is never defined as a simple and easy process. In fact, many would describe it or presume that it is a challenging time filled with tears, fights and disappointment. While some spouses part ways because of the hostile situations involved in a union, this does not mean that these emotions have to carry over to the dissolution process.

Unpacking divorce mediation myths

Despite it being a viable way to settle a divorce out-of-court, some individuals in Albuquerque may be reluctant to participate in divorce mediation. However, if they can look past their misgivings and consider the positive aspects of divorce mediation, they may find it is the right choice for them.

Settle an uncontested divorce through mediation

Even though divorce is often the best choice that Albuquerque couples stuck in a crumbling marriage can make, that doesn't mean that it's not stressful and confusing. This may be especially true for those whose divorce will ultimately go through a courtroom trial. However, there is an alternative to a lengthy and emotionally difficult courtroom trial -- divorce mediation. This may work especially well in an uncontested divorce, in which there aren't very many disagreements.

What choices do couples in a divorce have for an amicable split?

It may be the case that a couple thinks the only way they can divorce is by duking it out with bulldog attorneys in the courtroom. However, the end result of divorce litigation comes at a price, emotionally and financially. Rather than trying to punish one's ex, other more cooperative methods of divorce resolution may be a possibility for couples in New Mexico who want to part ways in a more positive manner.

When might divorce mediation be an appropriate choice?

Some couples in New Mexico seeking a divorce may wonder if there is any alternative to a long, drawn-out battle in court. They may want their divorce settled quickly and privately. For these couples, divorce mediation may be an option. There are a number of circumstances in which mediation might be appropriate.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

As a previous post highlighted, some couples in New Mexico who are ending their marriage seek to do so without litigation. Because the divorce process is often multifaceted, divorcing spouses may want to avoid the added complexities and disputes that divorce litigation can bring to the table. Thus, couple may look to divorce mediation to help ease the process, reduce the costs and promote an amicable divorce settlement.

Taking a look at divorce mediation as a divorce alternative

Now that we have rung in the New Year, many people across the nation are likely considering changes and choices that are in their best interests. For some married couples in New Mexico, that might mean filing for divorce. The beginning of a new year is often a time where spouses make major decisions. And while this may not be easy, if a couple can no longer make it together, initiating the start of their single life is often easier at the start of the year.

What does the divorce mediation process look like?

When spouses decide to end a marriage, this likely invokes a wide variety of questions and concerns. The word litigation is a familiar one, but divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere are probably concerned with the costs attached with the this process. Thus, alternatives and cost-effective dissolution methods are often sought.

Divorce mediation helping spouses navigate divorce

Most married couples in New Mexico enter their marital union with the intention of remaining in it for the rest of their life. While this is ideal, this unfortunately does not happen. Complex issues could arise, pushing spouses away from each other. The end of a marriage can be a complicated and emotional process, making it difficult for the spouses and their children.