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Child Custody Archives

When is sole custody more appropriate than joint custody?

Matters regarding the custody of children are handled with the utmost care by the courts of New Mexico. As with many other American jurisdictions, New Mexico courts seek to preserve the best interests of the children whose legal matters arrive in their chambers. As such, when two parents go through a divorce and the legal and physical custody of their children must be determined, a court will evaluate a host of factors to arrive at a custody arrangement that meets the children's needs.

What does it mean for parents to share joint custody?

When parents in New Mexico decide to end their relationship, they naturally want to stay involved in their child's life. After all, even though their relationship with the child's other parent did not last, they still want to have a meaningful relationship with their child. This includes not just the amount of time they will spend with their child, but also what parenting rights they will have with regards to their child.

Determining parenting time in a custody dispute

Whether you have one child, two children or more, it is likely that when you became a parent, you never intended to have your family torn apart by divorce. However, the reality is that nearly half of U.S. marriage end in divorce, and many of these divorces involve children. When children are part of the dissolution process in New Mexico and elsewhere, this often complicates the process. When parents are focused on maintaining a strong relationship with their children, they often forget about working with the other parent to find a suitable solution.

Post-divorce, Drew Barrymore says she is co-parenting with love

Telling a child that you and your spouse are getting a divorce is never easy. After all, a divorce does not only mean major changes for spouses but also means a vastly different life for the children involved. Therefore, parents in New Mexico and elsewhere will take definitive steps to ensure that the needs and wishes of the children are fulfilled in the process.

Privacy issues enter the custody battle between Pitt and Jolie

Filing for divorce is an emotional and often life-changing event. For most divorcing couples in New Mexico, only family members, close friends and members of the community will become aware of the details of a divorce settlement. However, for those involved in a high asset or celebrity divorce, it is likely that residents across the nation will know the intimate details of the divorcing spouse's lives. Even more so, when children are involved, the media will often detail the sensitive aspects of child custody.

How can you co-parent during the holidays?

While most families in New Mexico and elsewhere are finishing up their last minute details for the holidays, some parents are more focused on spending time with their children. For divorced parents, the holidays can be a difficult time. This is especially true if the custody plan in place provides for alternating holidays. Whether you are currently in a co-parenting relationship with your ex or you seek to be, it is possible to negotiate for the parenting time you seek.

Serving best interests of a child by modifying a custody order

From the very first day a New Mexican becomes a parent, he or she will work as hard as they can to protect his or her child, ensuring that the child's best interests are met. When parents divorce, a mother and father will continue to work hard to meet those needs. However, divorcing parents will have to be flexible.