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Helping you understand the benefits of divorce mediation

Divorce is never defined as a simple and easy process. In fact, many would describe it or presume that it is a challenging time filled with tears, fights and disappointment. While some spouses part ways because of the hostile situations involved in a union, this does not mean that these emotions have to carry over to the dissolution process.

Mediation has many benefits and advantages. It is unlike the traditional approach to divorce, because unlike litigation, spouses do not need to work through their divorce legal issues in the courtroom. At Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., our experienced legal team understands that every relationship is unique; therefore, we help our clients approach the divorce process the best possible, meeting their needs and goals.

In order to determine if divorce mediation is right for you, it is important for spouses to understand how it could benefit them. Our skilled attorneys are prepared to explain this process to its fullest, ensuring that they understand how it could work for them and what to do if it is not successful.

Mediation has the tendency of being a quick process, often allowing spouses to efficiently work through their divorce issues with the assistance of a mediator. This process is also cost-effective, usually costing much less than litigation. Divorce mediation is also viewed as fair, as it is customizable to the spouse's unique circumstances. Finally, mediation is private, meaning any agreements reached will not become part of a public document.

To learn more, check out our law firm's divorce mediation web page. While divorce is not easy, it can be made less challenging by reducing the costs and time it takes to finalize the process. Those considering divorce should consider if mediation is right for them to handle some or all of their divorce issues.

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