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Can an amicable divorce keep kids from getting sick as adults?

Parents in New Mexico going through a divorce may want to keep things as amicable as possible. Not only does this help the child emotionally but, as one recent study claims, it may also affect the child's future physical health as well.

According to researchers, children whose parents had an acrimonious divorce were more likely to have colds as adults. Specifically, when a child's parents were on non-speaking terms when they divorced, the child was three times more apt to catch a cold as an adult. Adults whose parents were able to communicate after a divorce were no more apt to catch a cold as adults than adults whose parents did not divorce.

While this is only one study of its kind, it could mean that if a child of divorce experiences a certain amount of stress due to the divorce it could have long-lasting ramifications on their health. Other studies have demonstrated that a nasty divorce can cause a child psychological distress and lead to problems in school. Moreover, as adults, children whose parents went through an acrimonious divorce may also suffer in future relationships and could negatively affect their psychological health when compared to adults whose parents did not divorce.

In the end, it may be the case that a parent's behavior both during and after a divorce may have a greater influence on the child's mental health than the divorce itself. When two parents can keep on maintaining an attitude of cooperation and ongoing positive communication after a divorce, it can help the child in the long run. Therefore, parents in New Mexico going through a divorce may want to make every attempt possible to keep things amicable.

Source: Popular Science, "Scientists want to know if your parents' divorce is making you sick," Sara Kiley Watson, June 9, 2017

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