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May 2017 Archives

U.S. Supreme Court issues ruling in military divorce case

As Albuquerque service members and their spouses can attest, active deployment and other aspects of being in the military can take its toll on a marriage, sometimes leading a couple to decide that divorce is their best option. Asset division, however, can be more complicated in a military divorce than a civilian divorce, as one recent case shows.

Settle an uncontested divorce through mediation

Even though divorce is often the best choice that Albuquerque couples stuck in a crumbling marriage can make, that doesn't mean that it's not stressful and confusing. This may be especially true for those whose divorce will ultimately go through a courtroom trial. However, there is an alternative to a lengthy and emotionally difficult courtroom trial -- divorce mediation. This may work especially well in an uncontested divorce, in which there aren't very many disagreements.

What does it mean for parents to share joint custody?

When parents in New Mexico decide to end their relationship, they naturally want to stay involved in their child's life. After all, even though their relationship with the child's other parent did not last, they still want to have a meaningful relationship with their child. This includes not just the amount of time they will spend with their child, but also what parenting rights they will have with regards to their child.

A spousal support award should be both fair and appropriate

Sometimes, after years or even decades of being married, a couple in Albuquerque will decide their marriage can no longer last, and they are best off getting a divorce. For some long-term marriages, there is a significant income discrepancy between each spouse, with one spouse earning a great deal more than the other spouse. This is especially true if one spouse stayed out of the workforce to raise a family while married.