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April 2017 Archives

Grandparents' rights benefit both grandparents and children

For most grandparents in Albuquerque, their grandchildren are a source of pride and joy. They love their grandchildren with all their heart and naturally want to spend as much time with them as possible. However, this precious time can be cut off if the child's parents divorce. Sometimes, during a messy divorce, one parent will try to keep his or her ex's parents from seeing the child. This can have a detrimental effect on both the child and the grandparents. This is why, over the past few decades, grandparents' rights have been granted by courts in certain situations.

What factors are considered when awarding alimony in New Mexico?

Usually when two spouses in New Mexico divorce, they do not want much to do with one another. However, one way that they will stay tethered to one another (whether they like it or not) is through alimony. While a spouse may be reluctant to pay alimony to their ex, it is often necessary for the receiving spouse to get back on their feet financially. Moreover, alimony payments need not continue indefinitely. Therefore, individuals who are getting a divorce may wonder how courts decide upon an appropriate amount of alimony.

What choices do couples in a divorce have for an amicable split?

It may be the case that a couple thinks the only way they can divorce is by duking it out with bulldog attorneys in the courtroom. However, the end result of divorce litigation comes at a price, emotionally and financially. Rather than trying to punish one's ex, other more cooperative methods of divorce resolution may be a possibility for couples in New Mexico who want to part ways in a more positive manner.

Determining what a grandparent's visitation rights should be

The bond between grandparents and their grandchild can be significant. Grandparents in New Mexico get to enjoy seeing their grandchildren grow, just as they saw their own children grow, and grandchildren benefit from the wisdom and love their grandparents pass on to them. However, there are times where grandparents are kept from seeing their grandchild, such as in the event of a nasty divorce. When this happens, grandparents may want to petition the court for visitation rights.