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March 2017 Archives

Tax season is here -- make sure to account for alimony

The deadline for filing your income taxes is quickly looming. While some residents in Albuquerque may be daydreaming about what they're going to do with their anticipated tax refund, they should keep in mind that they must report all sources of income. The failure to do so could lead to tax problems down the road.

Retaining TRICARE eligibility after a military divorce

A military divorce presents certain unique issues that those in the process of getting a civilian divorce do not face. For example, in a civilian divorce in New Mexico it is expected that once the divorce is final and the marriage is dissolved, an ex-spouse will not be covered his or her ex's health care insurance. However, there are two circumstances in a military divorce in which the non-service member spouse can remain eligible for TRICARE, albeit on his or her own name and Social Security number.

When might divorce mediation be an appropriate choice?

Some couples in New Mexico seeking a divorce may wonder if there is any alternative to a long, drawn-out battle in court. They may want their divorce settled quickly and privately. For these couples, divorce mediation may be an option. There are a number of circumstances in which mediation might be appropriate.

Helping divorcing spouses seek alimony

Getting everything you need at the end of the marriage can be difficult. Many disputes may surround the divorce process, and each spouse might find it difficult to part with certain things. Even if divorcing spouses can come to terms on who gets what, finances can still become a hot topic. During marriage, a couple may understand where their income is coming from and how their bills will get paid; however, post-divorce financial planning can be difficult for some spouses. If a spouse believes he or she will not be able to meet their financial needs following divorce, it is possible to seek alimony, also known as spousal support.