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Post-divorce, Drew Barrymore says she is co-parenting with love

Telling a child that you and your spouse are getting a divorce is never easy. After all, a divorce does not only mean major changes for spouses but also means a vastly different life for the children involved. Therefore, parents in New Mexico and elsewhere will take definitive steps to ensure that the needs and wishes of the children are fulfilled in the process.

Co-parenting is often an effective way to establish a healthy and workable child custody arrangement post-divorce. Many divorced parents choose this path in a shared parenting arrangement, and actress Drew Barrymore is one of the many parents who opted a time-sharing path that allows both parents fair parenting time and a time-sharing plan that benefits the children involved.

When discussing her post-divorce life, Barrymore stated that she is learning how to co-parent with love. Drew and her ex Will Kopelman have developed a workable plan that meets the best interests of their two daughters. Because Barrymore sought to raise her children in an ultra-traditional way that was everything opposite of her experience growing up, Barrymore has decided to utilize a more modern method to develop a healthy and amicable custody plan.

Knowing first hand how children observe everything around them, Drew has made great strides to establish a positive environment for her children. She has spent much of her post-divorce life doing what makes her happy, focusing on the positive and sharing her children with love.

While Barrymore and her ex are an excellent example of effective co-parenting, not all divorced parents are able to set aside their differences and focus on the positives. Disputes can arise, even in a fair and amicable custody plan. Therefore, it is essential that divorce parents understand what resources they have and what steps they could take to resolve any custody issues arises post-divorce.

Source:, "Drew Barrymore talks co-parenting with 'love' after divorce," Annie Martin, Feb. 2, 2017

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