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February 2017 Archives

What do you do when alimony is on the divorce table?

When a couple in New Mexico decides that they are going to move forward with a divorce, there are often countless legal issues to sort through. One issue, which is often one present in marriage, is the financial wellbeing of each spouse. In order to ensure that both spouses will be financially secure following dissolution, it may be necessary for one spouse to seek spousal support, also known as alimony. Spousal support is a way to help a lower earning spouse augment their finances.

Determining parenting time in a custody dispute

Whether you have one child, two children or more, it is likely that when you became a parent, you never intended to have your family torn apart by divorce. However, the reality is that nearly half of U.S. marriage end in divorce, and many of these divorces involve children. When children are part of the dissolution process in New Mexico and elsewhere, this often complicates the process. When parents are focused on maintaining a strong relationship with their children, they often forget about working with the other parent to find a suitable solution.

Post-divorce, Drew Barrymore says she is co-parenting with love

Telling a child that you and your spouse are getting a divorce is never easy. After all, a divorce does not only mean major changes for spouses but also means a vastly different life for the children involved. Therefore, parents in New Mexico and elsewhere will take definitive steps to ensure that the needs and wishes of the children are fulfilled in the process.

How does divorce impact military retirement benefits?

Being involved in a military marriage can be difficult and complex at times. The life of a service member can be straining on a marriage, resulting in some couples in New Mexico and elsewhere opting for divorce. While divorce is not easy for any couple, a military divorce can place added challenges. This is especially true when it comes to addressing the assets, pension and military benefits of the service member spouse.