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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

As a previous post highlighted, some couples in New Mexico who are ending their marriage seek to do so without litigation. Because the divorce process is often multifaceted, divorcing spouses may want to avoid the added complexities and disputes that divorce litigation can bring to the table. Thus, couple may look to divorce mediation to help ease the process, reduce the costs and promote an amicable divorce settlement.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation? One major benefit of this process is that it is less daunting. In other words, spouses do not have to go through the process of sitting in court. Additionally, they do not have to endure the lengthy and often difficult process of sorting through all the divorce issues via litigation.

Next, divorce mediation tends to be better for the children if any are involved. When parents are in an environment that promotes cooperation and open communication, they are more likely to develop a fair and workable custody and support plan. And because the divorce mediation process promotes collaboration and cooperation, it is frequently a very cost effective dissolution process.

While there are financial, emotional and mental benefits involved with divorce mediation, it is not a one size fits all method. For some divorcing couples, it might only be a process that works for some divorce issues. And in other high conflict divorces, it may be a process that is completely ineffective. Therefore, divorcing couples should timely consider whether or not to consider mediation, other divorce alternatives or stick with the traditional method of litigation.

For those going through a divorce, it is imperative that they consider all their rights and options. It is possible to successfully navigate the divorce process by using various divorce methods. However, if a couple seeks to discern which method is most appropriate for them, it might be helpful to seek guidance from an attorney.

Source:, "The Main Benefits Of Mediation In Divorce Cases," Brandon Jones, Oct. 11, 2016

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