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Helping New Mexico grandparents protect their visitation rights

When parents decide to divorce, they may not consider that this major event will impact more than just themselves and their children. However, extended family member often feel the emotional upset of divorce. And in some unfortunate cases, some grandparents suffer serious turmoil when they feel as though they have lost access to their grandchildren. In these matters, there could be a foundation for grandparents' rights, and grandparents could invoke these rights to establish visitation or even custody rights of their grandchildren.

At Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A, our legal team understands that divorce is often not pretty. In some cases, it can be a very emotional and harsh time for many family members, including grandparents. Therefore, our attorneys are dedicated to helping grandparents in the Albuquerque area navigate legal action regarding their visitation rights.

New Mexico law recognizes grandparents' visitation rights. There are many situations that could cause a grandparent to initiate legal action, and a messy divorce is one of them. An emotional divorce could make it difficult for spouses to maintain a relationship with their former in-laws or even their own parents. And while this could present temporary hurdles for grandparents, our experienced attorneys have helped past clients navigate these complex issues.

Our attorneys can prove that there is a strong existing relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. Additionally, we can establish that a court order establishing grandparent visitation rights will be in the best interests of the grandchildren.

To learn more, check out our grandparents' rights website. Being part of a grandchild's life is important to grandparents, and when this is threatened, grandparents should understand their legal options. By understanding their rights, grandparents can legally protect their relationship with their grandchildren.

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