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January 2017 Archives

Requirements needed to award grandparent visitation and custody

When a divorce involves children, it is common for divorcing parents in New Mexico to disagree of potential custody arrangements. Having his or her time with his or her child constrained, defined and outlined is a major event; an event that is often difficult to come to terms with. The complexities of a custody matter can unfortunately impact those beyond the parents and children involved.

Helping New Mexico grandparents protect their visitation rights

When parents decide to divorce, they may not consider that this major event will impact more than just themselves and their children. However, extended family member often feel the emotional upset of divorce. And in some unfortunate cases, some grandparents suffer serious turmoil when they feel as though they have lost access to their grandchildren. In these matters, there could be a foundation for grandparents' rights, and grandparents could invoke these rights to establish visitation or even custody rights of their grandchildren.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

As a previous post highlighted, some couples in New Mexico who are ending their marriage seek to do so without litigation. Because the divorce process is often multifaceted, divorcing spouses may want to avoid the added complexities and disputes that divorce litigation can bring to the table. Thus, couple may look to divorce mediation to help ease the process, reduce the costs and promote an amicable divorce settlement.

Taking a look at divorce mediation as a divorce alternative

Now that we have rung in the New Year, many people across the nation are likely considering changes and choices that are in their best interests. For some married couples in New Mexico, that might mean filing for divorce. The beginning of a new year is often a time where spouses make major decisions. And while this may not be easy, if a couple can no longer make it together, initiating the start of their single life is often easier at the start of the year.