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How can you co-parent during the holidays?

While most families in New Mexico and elsewhere are finishing up their last minute details for the holidays, some parents are more focused on spending time with their children. For divorced parents, the holidays can be a difficult time. This is especially true if the custody plan in place provides for alternating holidays. Whether you are currently in a co-parenting relationship with your ex or you seek to be, it is possible to negotiate for the parenting time you seek.

How can you co-parent during the holidays? Whether this is your first holiday season being divorced or not, parents must think of the children. Because this is a time of year that stresses togetherness and family time, transitioning to a workable holiday schedule can be taxing for some parents.

In divorced families, traditions may be interrupted during the holiday season. It can be difficult to work out a schedule that can accommodate and fairly balance the needs of both parents. A co-parenting relationship could help promote conversations between the parents and provide solutions for any disputes arising from these situations.

The most important thing to remember during the holidays is that they are a magical time for children. Divorced parents should not let their disputes ruin this time for their children or generate unnecessary stress. If parents are able to set aside their differences and work toward a common goal, the best interests of their children could be better met.

While co-parenting is not for everyone, it is a mechanism that works for some parents in a joint custody relationship. If you seek to initiate, enforce or modify a child custody order, it is important that parents note the various ways this could look. Additionally, divorced parents should consider how the assistance of an experienced attorney could help them with this and other family law matters.

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