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November 2016 Archives

Military laws controlling the division of military benefits

Much like civilians, service members partake in the joyous event of matrimony. While the married life can have its ups and downs, for those in the military, maintaining a lasting marriage can be challenging at times. The military lifestyle and lengthy deployments can be taxing for some spouses, giving reason for divorce. While a military divorce contains much of the same issues as civilian divorces, there are several other factors to consider during a military divorce.

What does the divorce mediation process look like?

When spouses decide to end a marriage, this likely invokes a wide variety of questions and concerns. The word litigation is a familiar one, but divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere are probably concerned with the costs attached with the this process. Thus, alternatives and cost-effective dissolution methods are often sought.

Divorce mediation helping spouses navigate divorce

Most married couples in New Mexico enter their marital union with the intention of remaining in it for the rest of their life. While this is ideal, this unfortunately does not happen. Complex issues could arise, pushing spouses away from each other. The end of a marriage can be a complicated and emotional process, making it difficult for the spouses and their children.