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October 2016 Archives

Serving best interests of a child by modifying a custody order

From the very first day a New Mexican becomes a parent, he or she will work as hard as they can to protect his or her child, ensuring that the child's best interests are met. When parents divorce, a mother and father will continue to work hard to meet those needs. However, divorcing parents will have to be flexible.

How does the UCCJA protect custody rights?

When parents divorce, the situation is not always ideal for the parents and children involved. Because of this, divorcing parents in New Mexico and other states across the nation must take the time to develop a workable child custody plan. While joint custody is the most favorable option, co-parenting is not for everyone and, in some cases, the best interest of the children might prove that primary custody with one parent is more favorable.

Understanding how social media could impact a custody agreement

In today's society, individuals of ages are interconnected through media sites. While this helps keep residents in New Mexico and elsewhere connected to old friends and family members that live in different cities, states and even counties, these media platforms are not entirely beneficial. For divorcing parents, the details and usage of social media could negatively impact the outcomes of dissolution for one or both spouses. Moreover, the children involved could also be harmed in the process, especially if it impacts a child custody arrangement.

Using divorce mediation in a high asset divorce

Divorce -- it's not easy to talk about and it certainly isn't easy to go through; however, even the most complex divorces have mechanisms to address the divorce issues a parting couple is dealing with. With regards to a high asset divorce, spouses in New Mexico and elsewhere may become overwhelmed by the numerous decisions he or she is required to make. And while litigation could be the method to sort through the most difficult and troublesome issues, divorcing high asset couples may want to consider how divorce mediation could benefit them.