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How can divorce mediation benefit the dissolution process?

For some married couples in New Mexico, it can be apparent that the end of a marriage is imminent. Even though the spouses can see the relationship failing, this doesn't make ending the union any easier. Both still need to make countless decisions together, and if they are not on the same page, a divorcing couple may encounter various divorce issues. Whether or not divorcing spouses see eye to eye, it is still possible to use effective communication to navigate through dissolution. Mediation could be that method.

How can divorce mediation benefit the dissolution process? Often times, each spouse will view marital problems differently. This is often due to their differing perspectives or personal experiences in the situation. Such conditions tends to lead spouses to punctuate events differently and focus on different points.

One way to amicably work through this issue is communication; however, not just any form of communication will suffice. In order for the divorce mediation process to be successful for divorcing spouses, conversations need to occur that will promote mutual understanding. It is this mutual understanding that will assist the couple to work through the problem and find a workable resolution.

For those couples that mutually believe that divorce is not only the best option for them but truly is the only option for them, initiating a negotiated farewell could greatly impact the quality of the couple's divorce. The negotiated farewell is a strategy or an approach that is private, direct and mutual. This strategy allows for the time to feel like the divorce was a mutual decision, and it helps the couple jointly construct the end of their story.

Because this process requires empathy, cooperation, the willingness to listen and less focus on winning or being right, divorce mediation is not for everyone. For those considering divorce or currently going through the dissolution process, it is important to consider all the options available. This will ensure the couple and the spouses take appropriate steps to protect his or her rights and find a resolution to their divorce problems.

Source: Huffington Post, "Avoid Tragic Ending: Start With a Negotiated Farewell and Divorce Mediation," Dr. Jamie Williamson, Aug. 15, 2016

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