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Helping you navigate mediation as your divorce method

The divorce process is anything but simple, and for those couples seeking to end their union, it can be an emotional and confusing time for both spouses. It might be clear what both spouses want in a divorce; however, emotions can get the best of each spouse, causing additional obstacles and problems. Although there is no single way to confront and navigate this process, the divorce mediation process tends to highlights certain factors that could make divorce much easier on both parties.

Divorce mediation seeks to uncover a reasonable and workable resolution through means of healthy communication and cooperation. Divorcing spouses typically listen and talk to one another in order to reach a common goal. Although this sounds like a worry-free process, the attorneys at Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., understand that even this alternative to litigation can have its complications. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping spouses in New Mexico better understand the divorce mediation process.

We are aware that most marriages include more than just two spouses. Whether it is children, pets, multiple homes, assets or even debts, divorce often means making major decisions about all the factors in the couple's married life.

Transitioning from a married life to a single life can be scary and difficult. Our experienced legal team is also aware that the decisions reached today may not hold true a few years from now. Because of that, we are prepared to help our client modify decisions made in a divorce decree whether it is a few months or even a few years after dissolution.

To learn more, see our law firm's divorce mediation website. This information can help prepare people for the mediation process and what it would be like working with a mediator throughout a divorce. This could ultimately determine whether or not this process is right for a couple.

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