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September 2016 Archives

Helping you navigate mediation as your divorce method

The divorce process is anything but simple, and for those couples seeking to end their union, it can be an emotional and confusing time for both spouses. It might be clear what both spouses want in a divorce; however, emotions can get the best of each spouse, causing additional obstacles and problems. Although there is no single way to confront and navigate this process, the divorce mediation process tends to highlights certain factors that could make divorce much easier on both parties.

Can divorced parents still act like parents together?

When children are involved, ending a marriage is less than ideal. Nonetheless, it is often the best choice for not only both spouses but also for the children involved. No matter the age of the children involved, parents have to make serious decisions regarding their needs and best interests. Because it is not always clear what a child currently needs and what they will need in the near future, parents may need to make changes and modifications even after reaching a child custody arrangement. And for that reason, many divorced parents in a joint custody situation will rely on co-parenting tactics in order to address any future issues or concerns.

Ways people can use and protect their alimony checks

For most married couples in New Mexico, spouses will make financial decisions together. This can help the couple budget their spending and plan for the future. However, when couples divorce, it can be difficult to manage money. Even when a spouse is awarded alimony during dissolution, it is important to keep in mind that spousal support is considered taxable income and should be treated and managed like regular income.

Former spouse of Frances Cobain seeks alimony

The divorce process can be an emotional and costly procedure to end a marital union; however, when couples in New Mexico and elsewhere believe that it is time to call it quits, spouses will likely bare the burdens that come with the process. One of those burdens a spouse might face could be alimony. If it is determined that one spouse has financial needs and requires support to cover the person's living expenses, spousal support will likely be awarded if that spouse requests it during dissolution.

How can divorce mediation benefit the dissolution process?

For some married couples in New Mexico, it can be apparent that the end of a marriage is imminent. Even though the spouses can see the relationship failing, this doesn't make ending the union any easier. Both still need to make countless decisions together, and if they are not on the same page, a divorcing couple may encounter various divorce issues. Whether or not divorcing spouses see eye to eye, it is still possible to use effective communication to navigate through dissolution. Mediation could be that method.