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August 2016 Archives

Protecting the visitation privileges of grandparents

As a previous post discussed, divorce can impact more than just the spouses and children involved. The parents of the spouses could be negatively impacted due to the divorce process limiting people's access to their grandchildren. Moreover, grandparents could face adverse outcomes if a spouse seeks to retaliate against the person's former spouse by denying the former spouse's parents access or time with grandchildren. Because certain grandparents' rights are afforded to grandparents in New Mexico and elsewhere, it is important to understand how to invoke these rights and how they enforce any rights provided by the court.

Helping to protect your relationship with your grandchildren

Parents in New Mexico understand how rewarding a relationship between their own parents and their children can be. Grandparents can add much value to the life of their grandchildren, and for some children grandparents can play a major role in life. While this may be true, certain life events could disrupt even the strongest bond between a grandchild and grandparent. When parents divorce, grandparents can often feel underappreciated or even ignored during and after the process.

How are VA benefits impacted by a military divorce?

New Mexico residents who served in the armed forces are entitled to certain benefits. Military benefits are available for military members; however, the availability of these benefits is constrained by more than the number of years served in the military. If the service member has gone through marriage dissolution, this could impact how certain benefits are awarded as well.

Spousal support orders available in New Mexico

Alimony can be a major factor in a divorce, no matter the length of the marriage or the age of the spouses. The transition from married life to a single life can be challenging, and for those without the financial means to support themselves, spousal support could be the only way to cover necessary expenses. However, not all spouses requesting alimony will receive the same spousal support order or spousal support at all. Therefore, those seeking alimony in New Mexico should understand what orders could be approved by the court.