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July 2016 Archives

Do you need to alter child custody during the school year?

The summer months could mean a variety of things for kids. For many, it is three months to enjoy the outdoors. For others, it might mean being involved with various activities, sports, camps and even summer school. Because a child's schedule could deviate greatly during the summer, divorced parents will likely have to adjust their custody arrangement. As children get older, it is likely that their schedule during the school year will vary each coming year as well.

Alimony can be more important to women than men during divorce

As people are living longer, planning for late-life financial security has been a topic that is growing in popularity. The cost of living is up in comparison to years past, and being able to sustain oneself during retirement years is the goal. But what about when a divorce, especially a divorce that occurs later in life, occurs and divides your assets? In these scenarios, it is crucial for the divorcing spouses to acknowledge the financial hurdles they may face later in life and to plan accordingly.

Ways that adoptions could impact grandparent visitation rights

During a divorce, many serious, life-impacting decisions are made. For those with children, custody agreements are based on the needs of the child, the child's best interest and a parent's ability to provide adequate care and upbringing. If one parent does not live within the same state as the other parent, is unfit to care for the child or displays other factors that impact the ability to parent, it might be possible for another adult to step in to care for the child. While it is common for another family member to step forward, such as a grandparent since they are already provided grandparents' rights, it could be possible for someone else to adopt the child.