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Tips for choosing a divorce mediator

Marriage dissolution, even when agreed to, is never easy to initiate or go through. However, for those divorcing in New Mexico who seek an alternative divorce method to litigation, divorce mediation is often the most reasonable and reliable route to take. Whether a divorcing couple seeks to reduce the costs associated with divorce, avoid unnecessary disputes or prevent post-divorce issues, divorce mediation is often the most sought after alternative divorce method.

In order for the divorce mediation process to be successful, a couple must agree to a mediator that will be involved in the entire process. Choosing a mediator is not always a simple task, and the couple must be mindful when picking as mediator as it is the first important decision they must make in the divorce process. Divorcing couples should keep the following tips in mind when deciding on a divorce mediator.

First, both spouses must trust the mediator. If trust does not exist, there is no way the mediator will be able to guide the couple through the process. Because each spouse will be communicating important details about their life and family, having a mediator the couple trusts will not only aid the process but will help the process move along and navigate through obstacles more effectively. Second, the mediator's practice area should be dedicated to divorce and family mediation. Having experience focused on these areas provides the mediator with the necessary skill set to work through the common divorce issues couples will encounter.

Third, divorcing couples should ensure that the mediator has background and substantial education in dispute resolution and mediation training. Continuing education and training on a yearly basis is extremely important in this field, and spouses should take the time to verify that this is completed. Next, divorcing couples should determine if a mediator has a standing within the mediation profession. Lastly, divorcing couples should understand the fees associated with a mediator. Couples often use divorce mediation because it is a cost-effective divorce method. However, some mediators might be more costly due to their flat fee or hourly rate.

Divorcing couples often have endless important decisions to make. It is imperative that both spouses are fully aware of the options they have during the divorce process. Whether a couple uses mediation for some, all or none of their divorce process, it is essential that they understand the potential benefits this divorce alternative could provide and what options they might have if they are unable to continue with the mediation process.

Source: Huffington Post, "5 Tips for Choosing the Best Divorce Mediator," Michael Aurit, May 26, 2016

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