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Heard requests spousal support in divorce with Johnny Depp

For some residents in New Mexico, celebrity gossip and tabloid magazines are an excellent source of entertainment. And while most couples believe that they cannot relate to the rich and famous people flooding these magazines and media, when celebrity couples end their marriages, these events contain the same emotions, issues and disputes as a normal person's divorce. In addition to being able to relate to celebrities during the trials and tribulations of divorce, there is much to learn from the complexities and obstacles contained in a celebrity dissolution.

Many people have probably heard that Johnny Depp and his wife of 15 months, actress Amber Heard, are going through a divorce. According to recent reports, this celebrity divorce is expected to be a nasty one. After filing for separation, Heard filed a divorce petition, which contained a request for spousal support.

Only two days later, Depp's lawyers responded to this petition, opposing her request for alimony. In addition, his response also requested that Heard pay for her own attorney's fees during the divorce proceedings. It is believed that Depp is worth millions while Heard's net worth is not even close to his. Although she has current projects being filmed, the large gap between their incomes is likely the reason for the request for alimony.

While the divorce filing did not indicate whether the couple has a prenuptial agreement or added a postnuptial agreement following their union, reports speculate that the couple did not include such a legal document in their marriage. Therefore, it is likely the couple will need to litigate or mediate over the issue of spousal support.

Although spouses request alimony for different reasons, the request is often made because a spouse requires financial assistance post divorce. Those requesting alimony - and those facing their spouse's alimony request - should understand their rights and options in the matter.

Source: USA Today, "Johnny Depp's response to Amber's divorce request for alimony: No," Maria Puente, May 26, 2016

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