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June 2016 Archives

Finding a workable parenting plan post-divorce

In the beginning, divorcing parents often find ways to share their time with their children. However, in the long-term, developing a workable child custody agreement requires the parents to not only consider a solution for the present situation, but also one that focuses on the child's future. When young children are involved in a dissolution, it can be challenging for New Mexico parents to consider the needs the child will have a year from now, five years from now or even a decade later. Thus, some parents might have to revisit a child custody arrangement, even if the original terms were amicably agreed to.

How can parents in New Mexico enforce child custody orders?

Divorce is not easy by any means. However, when a divorce includes children, parents are required to take additional steps to reach agreements that impact the children, focusing on their best interests. One of those decisions revolves around child custody. Once a child custody order is established, that agreement needs to be followed until the child reaches majority age or a parent takes steps to modify the order. If the order is not followed, a parent can take enforcement steps.

Tips for choosing a divorce mediator

Marriage dissolution, even when agreed to, is never easy to initiate or go through. However, for those divorcing in New Mexico who seek an alternative divorce method to litigation, divorce mediation is often the most reasonable and reliable route to take. Whether a divorcing couple seeks to reduce the costs associated with divorce, avoid unnecessary disputes or prevent post-divorce issues, divorce mediation is often the most sought after alternative divorce method.

Heard requests spousal support in divorce with Johnny Depp

For some residents in New Mexico, celebrity gossip and tabloid magazines are an excellent source of entertainment. And while most couples believe that they cannot relate to the rich and famous people flooding these magazines and media, when celebrity couples end their marriages, these events contain the same emotions, issues and disputes as a normal person's divorce. In addition to being able to relate to celebrities during the trials and tribulations of divorce, there is much to learn from the complexities and obstacles contained in a celebrity dissolution.

What factors determine a fair alimony amount?

While sometimes a married couple can divorce in an amicable manner, some divorcing couples in New Mexico might find it challenging to reach fair and equitable terms when it comes to their finances post-divorce. In most marriages, spouses are accustomed to a certain standard of living. Therefore, it might become important for some spouses during a divorce to take steps to ensure that this standard of living can continue post-divorce. Requesting spousal support not only helps a spouse secure the financial needs they require but also limits any unfair economic impacts that could occur. This is especially true for spouses who did not earn a wage or earned a low wage during a marriage.

Determining eligibility for military retired pay

As a previous post highlighted, a military divorce in New Mexico tends to be more complex than dissolutions involving civilians. This is mostly due to the military laws governing the process. However, the lifestyle, travel and deployments of the members of the armed forces also play a major role. While there are several distinct differences between a military divorce and a civilian divorce, one major difference is the need to divide military retired pay.