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May 2016 Archives

Helping our service members through the divorce process

The members of our nation’s armed forces endure many stresses and life events that most civilians do not. Nonetheless, service members that are married are likely to deal with the natural ups and down of marriage. Because of that, military members also deal with the emotions and major decisions associated with divorce. However, because of deployment, frequent moves, recurrent separation from family members and military laws, military divorces are often more complex than a civilian divorce.

How does the Uniform Child Custody Act help with modification?

The decision to divorce is not always an easy one to arrive at for parents in New Mexico and elsewhere. When children are involved, divorcing parents attempt to focus on the needs of the children, attempting to meet their best interests in the matter. While all parents want what's best for their children, it can be difficult to memorialize those needs in writing while also meeting the terms of the divorce. Therefore, some parents might need to revisit their child custody agreement, especially if there has been a substantial change in circumstances such as a parent relocating.

Considering the benefits of divorce mediation

Much like it takes two people to get married, it takes two people to get divorces; however, couples are often more reluctant to cooperate with the dissolution process. Even if you are the spouse that decided to initiate the divorce, it is not an easy time to go through. Nonetheless, some divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere seek to work together to help progress the process and avoid the high costs associated with litigation.