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April 2016 Archives

Avoiding alimony pitfalls in a spring divorce

While married couples in New Mexico and elsewhere do their best to maintain this union, in some cases, it is in the best interest of the couple to end the relationship. And, much like a couple does not have full and complete control over whether their marriage will fail, couples do not always have complete control over when they file for divorce. Although, it might not be in the forefront of the spouses' minds, the timing that a couple arrives at the decision to divorce could impact how certain divorce issues are settled. This is especially true when it comes to monetary decisions, such as alimony.

What are the benefits of grandparent visitation?

With divorce come many qualms. However, divorcing parents in New Mexico and elsewhere should understand that is often the natural process of dissolution. When children are involved, there are additional considerations and factors to assess. Moreover, there are relationships other than child-parent relationships that need to be addressed during divorce. The grandparent-grandchild relationship is often a strong and well-established relationship. Therefore, parents and grandparents should work to maintain this relationship during and after dissolution by ensuring grandparent visitation.

The growing trend of shared parenting and its benefits

When parents in New Mexico and elsewhere are going through a divorce, they might have an idea what a child custody arrangement will look like. However, the dissolution process often reveals not only the needs of the children but also the challenges and needs of each parent. Nonetheless, shared parenting or equal custody is a growing trend among divorcing parents across the nation.

Helping New Mexico spouses secure alimony in a divorce

As a pervious post highlighted, alimony can be a very important decision to secure in a divorce. Moreover, it is also something that a spouse might need to take steps to protect prior to filing for dissolution and post-divorce. While some spouses might not expect requiring spousal support in the event of a divorce, if he or she became accustomed to a certain standard of living during marriage, a spouse might find it necessary to request alimony in a divorce.

What steps can you take to protect your alimony payments?

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for couples in New Mexico and elsewhere. However, once a divorce settlement is reached, the divorced spouses need to follow the agreed terms. If a spouse requested alimony and it was awarded, those payments need to be made each month. Because these payments are based on the financial needs of the recipient spouse, the failure to pay alimony could be very detrimental to that spouse. Therefore, it is important to take steps to protect these payments.