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March 2016 Archives

Unfolding grandparent visitation rights during a divorce

Divorce has the tendency to impact more than just the couple ending their marriage. Obviously, if children are involved, they will be greatly affected by the changes dissolution will cause in their life. But what about the parents of the divorcing couple? Often times, grandparents end up in the crossfires or neglected in the process. This frequently leads to grandparents questioning what rights they have in the process and what steps are available to them to help them protect their relationship with their grandchildren.

Considering the best interests of the child after a divorce

Even under the most amicable terms, divorce is still a major life event for New Mexico couples. When children are involved in the process, divorcing parents often focus on the best interests of the children when it comes to the terms of the custody agreement. And while parenting time and other custody matters might look good in writing and fit the best interests of the child in the long-term, divorcing parents might feel like they are not meeting the needs of the child during and following the divorce.

What does the divorce mediation process entail?

Married couples in New Mexico make a lot of difficult decisions together and individually. While it might not be an easy conversation to begin, if a couple has decided that it is best to end a marriage, the dissolution process must be initiated. Because there are several ways to go about getting a divorce, it is important to consider all divorce methods so the couple can determine what process best meets their needs. If money is tight, than a cost-effective dissolution method would be most ideal. Therefore, divorce mediation should be considered.

Maximum payment for alimony and child support in military divorce

As previous posts have discussed, military divorces can be very different than civilian divorces. Despite these differences, the same major financial decisions need to be decided in both types of divorces. With regards to alimony and child support, divorcing couples in New Mexico and elsewhere can request these payments during dissolution. However, in a military divorce, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act or USFSPA designates how much a former spouse can request.