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Understanding the advantages of divorce mediation

While it is technically necessary to file a lawsuit to dissolve a marriage, divorcing couples in Arizona and elsewhere do not need to follow the traditional path of litigation to end their marriage. In fact, if the couple seeks to avoid litigation altogether, it might be in their best interest to utilize mediation. Divorce mediation can provide many benefits and advantages for couples; however, it is not a one size fits all process. Therefore, it is important to understand if it is the best way for a divorcing couple to resolve their disputes.

The divorce mediation process uses a mediator, which is an impartial third party whose purpose is to facilitate communication, promote understanding and keep the focus on the interests of the parties involved. While the divorcing couples might have various goals, this process tends to serve three major goals. First, it helps to produce an amicable divorce agreement. Second, it helps the couple avoid the expenses and emotional stress often associated with litigation. Lastly, it minimizes disputes and post-divorce issues.

There are many advantages for those in the divorce mediation process. In addition to avoiding the costs associated with litigation, mediation could also help the couple reach a timely divorce settlement. Moreover, if children are involved in the process, mediation might be especially suited for the couple. It is likely that several family law issues will need to be addressed, and an ongoing relationship forged through mediation could help the couple work through decisions related to their children.

While divorce mediation could provide many benefits and advantages, it is not always suitable for everyone. Some couples are referred to mediation by the court or begin mediation on their own; however, if the process is not aiding the couple through dissolution, it might be necessary to consider other divorce options.

Those considering divorce or currently going through the process should understand the divorce options available to them. Divorce mediation might be a suitable way to resolve divorce issues, but a divorcing couple should independently consider how he or she could best address his or her interests.

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