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Amicable divorce could help spouses with friendship post-divorce

Divorce is often considered a game changer for spouses. Life post-divorce is often significantly different than the life the couple had during their marriage; however, this does not mean the interaction and relationship between the spouses has to be severed. For some divorcing couples in New Mexico, an amicable divorce is not only beneficial for the process but also helps the divorced couple remain friends when all is said and done.

Even if dissolution is filled with disputes or there are several contended issues in the divorce, divorcing couples can take five steps that could help them develop a better friendship with their soon-to-be ex. The first thing to do is to act like friends and go out like friends. If children are involved, this could also be a great way to devise a co-parenting plan or discuss their children.

Second, it is important to avoid heated topics or initiate conversations that will lead to fights. If something is necessary and important to talk about, then it should be discussed when appropriate, but these topics should not be brought up when it is not appropriate. Recently divorced couples should also feel free to take a break from each other.

Fourth, if a divorced couple has children, it could be beneficial for the divorced parents to spend time with the children together. This not only benefits the children but also helps the parents work on co-parenting. Lastly, for any disputes regarding divorce issues or post-divorce issues, divorce mediation could provide a neutral setting for spouses to work through these matters. A mediator serves as a neutral party and facilitates open communication. This process could help divorcing spouses work through their problems without hurting the relationship they have developed.

A finalized divorce does not have to mean the relationship between the spouses is over. If divorcing spouses seek to collaborate and work together in the divorce process, mediation might be the best route to go. No matter the divorce issue, it is important that spouses take the time to properly address them, considering all factors in the process.

Source:, "You Can Do It! 5 Tips for Becoming Friends With Your Ex," Jennifer Wozniak, Jan. 26, 2016

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