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February 2016 Archives

Helping New Mexico parents with shared custody plans

Time spent with children is often described as joyful and rewarding; however, some parents are unable to spend time with their children on a daily basis. While divorce means that parents will have to adjust to no longer being able to see their children every single day, it is possible to develop a custody arrangement that provides enough parenting time for each parent.

How do child custody relocation laws apply when a parent moves?

Life can bring many unexpected changes. Married couples in New Mexico do not get married with the intention of ending their union; however, if the couple no longer functions well together, it is likely in their best interest to get a divorce. When children are involved in the process, the divorcing parents will have to work hard to develop an appropriate parenting plan. But what happens when one of the parents needs to move? How can divorced parents re-work their custody arrangement?

Understanding the advantages of divorce mediation

While it is technically necessary to file a lawsuit to dissolve a marriage, divorcing couples in Arizona and elsewhere do not need to follow the traditional path of litigation to end their marriage. In fact, if the couple seeks to avoid litigation altogether, it might be in their best interest to utilize mediation. Divorce mediation can provide many benefits and advantages for couples; however, it is not a one size fits all process. Therefore, it is important to understand if it is the best way for a divorcing couple to resolve their disputes.

Amicable divorce could help spouses with friendship post-divorce

Divorce is often considered a game changer for spouses. Life post-divorce is often significantly different than the life the couple had during their marriage; however, this does not mean the interaction and relationship between the spouses has to be severed. For some divorcing couples in New Mexico, an amicable divorce is not only beneficial for the process but also helps the divorced couple remain friends when all is said and done.