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Helping divorcing couple through the mediation process

A marriage is often thought of as two people coming together to work as a team, and while not all marriages last, this does not mean that this teamwork must end. For some divorcing couples in New Mexico, the spouses are able to move past their differences and work together throughout dissolution. Although this does not mean this will be an easy situation, divorce mediation can be a very beneficial litigation alternative for some divorcing couples.

When divorcing couples can see eye-to-eye on some legal divorce issues, the law offices of Atkinson & Kelsey, P.A., sees this as an opportunity to consider alternative methods to litigation. Our law firm understands that when divorce mediation is suitable for a divorcing couple, this often means reduced costs and a quicker divorce agreement.

Not only is divorce mediation considered a quicker and more cost-effective method, it also provides the atmosphere to work on a fair and customized agreement that is private. Because not all marriages are the same, not all divorces are the same. Our attorneys understand that and have helped past clients work through their divorce issues, assisting them with reaching an amicable divorce decree.

While divorce mediation is often considered a calm and considerate process, disputes could still occur. The process is designed to help spouses work through these issues, however, but our law firm understands that this process cannot solve all divorce issues. Because of that, our attorneys are prepared to provide guidance and advice regarding other options to resolve legal divorce issues.

For those going through or considering divorce, it is important for them to understand all of their options, including mediation. To learn more, check out our law firm's divorce mediation website. This can provide general information, helping spouses better understand their legal options so that they can make an informed decision.

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