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December 2015 Archives

Divorced parents taking the co-parenting approach

As a previous post highlighted, there are many challenges that divorced parents in New Mexico will face regarding the care and wellbeing of their children. And while these obstacles can be overcome, custody arrangements often outline the decisions that parents will have to make post-divorce. Although some joint custody arrangements are hard to navigate and work with, some divorce parents are able to approach the shared parenting situation collaboratively and amicably.

Parenting after divorce and avoiding common mistakes

Even when married couples agree that it is best for them to end their union, this does not mean the couple will not face challenges or difficult decisions during dissolution or post-divorce. This is especially true when the couple has a child. Although disagreements might occur, it is important that New Mexico parents understand how to parent after divorce and avoid common mistakes or pitfalls.

Who are the eligible beneficiaries of a survivor benefit plan?

When men and women in New Mexico and elsewhere decide to enter the military, there are many major life-impacting decisions required. This does not change when the service member retires, and these decisions could greatly affect the service member's spouse, children and any former spouse. Therefore, it is important to understand certain factors when entering into a survivor benefit plan.

Issues to considering during military child custody battles

When residents in New Mexico decide to join the military, being deployed is often considered the largest battle the individual will endure. However, when married service members are going through a divorce, this can often develop into a very difficult and emotional battle. Moreover, when children are involved, this could present more challenges than expected, especially if one or both parents are active service members or are currently deployed.

Helping divorcing couple through the mediation process

A marriage is often thought of as two people coming together to work as a team, and while not all marriages last, this does not mean that this teamwork must end. For some divorcing couples in New Mexico, the spouses are able to move past their differences and work together throughout dissolution. Although this does not mean this will be an easy situation, divorce mediation can be a very beneficial litigation alternative for some divorcing couples.