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How can mediation be used to divorce successfully?

Even when spouses in New Mexico reach the conclusion that it is best for them to end the marriage, it can be very difficult to move forward with the divorce process. There are often many divorce issues to resolve, and even when divorcing spouses can work together, this can still be a lengthy and costly process to litigate. Because of that, divorcing couples might want to consider divorce mediation.

How can mediation be used to divorce successfully? The divorce mediation process can offer many benefits. It is considered faster, costs less, helps resolve conflicts and has the tendency to calm emotions instead of stirring them up. While not all divorcing couples experience all of these benefits, many do.

Why does mediation work during dissolution? One key ingredient that mediation can offer is genuine listening by both spouses during the process. The presence of a mediator helps keep the divorcing couple on task, allowing each spouse his or her time to speak. This provides a great environment for listening, reducing distractions and promoting eye-to-eye contact while speaking.

Feeling like they were heard and respected helps the spouses move the divorce process forward, allowing the couple to address more issues quickly and effectively. While some couples can naturally provide these active listening skills during mediation, others might have to be taught during the process.

In order to facilitate the divorce mediation process, couples should listen with both the mind and the heart. Additionally, both spouses should feel comfortable to speak freely and uninterrupted. A divorcing couple should allow themselves to feel fear and uncertainty for the future, and they should not attempt to fix or minimize these emotions. Lastly, both spouses should honor what the other believes is a fair settlement.

While mediation can be the most effective method for some divorcing couples, this process is not for everyone. It is important that divorcing couples consider all of their options, helping them reach an amicable divorce agreement.

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