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Alimony determined by prenup in Kaley Cuoco's divorce

While the divorce process often brings many concerns for each spouse, the financial well-being of both parties following dissolution is frequently addressed. Because of that, divorcing spouses will consider whether spousal support will be necessary in their post-divorce life. While it is common to request alimony once the process has initiated, the issues concerning spousal support could have been determined even before the divorce. If the couple has a prenuptial agreement, it is possible to already have the terms of alimony spelled out.

Although the recent divorce filing of actress Kaley Cuoco and her husband of 20 months came as a surprise, it appears as though the ending of the marriage is amicable. Additionally, the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement the month before their New Year's Eve wedding ceremony.

The terms of the prenuptial agreement dictate the spousal support payments that Cuoco will owe her soon-to-be ex-husband. Also, the legal document spells out how the couple's assets will be divided. The details of these terms have not been released at this time, but reports suggest that there are no disputes or contentions against the terms of the prenup.

Including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage can be helpful for some married couples, especially with certain terms such as alimony. In some divorces, disputes surrounding spousal support can be intense and lengthy. Having these terms predetermined can often help avoid such disputes in the event of a divorce. Additionally, this could help the divorcing couple progress through the divorce process with little to no disputes about the terms of the split.

Divorcing couples in Albuquerque dealing with issues surrounding alimony should understand how they can address this or other legal divorce issues. Whether a prenup is involved or not, spouses have certain rights and it is important to exercise and protect those rights during dissolution.

Source: Review Times, "Prenuptial agreement cited in Kaley Cuoco divorce filing," Sept. 28, 2015

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